Now going I was I run untold the folding return to the unknown room four tentacles issued signed postponed my water weight the equilibrium progress confess the room with a voice outburst contort I was we were now come and go through distance translation the mountain view the hillock of the goats I awoke plugged in spent time hours or days fixated on that small screen images images images each turn each phase am I becoming him or is he becoming I the dice the constant brown rice the leaks litter patter splatter internal disaster imploded frame his object illusion desire became faded erasure daylight saver my father the exploded view his rings of time orbital destination unknown forlorn the same the same blame why oh why the night the shed sat by bed forever remember can’t roam with out abandon I the flag by this shadow the station pillar prop stop crop rocks through window slingshot to random access spot grave a nave the regurgitated sage all that fucking rage some time she told me her amaze line after line the weetabix collectibles nick knack going going going gone gunshot how the sound arrives you know you are alive adventure myth split in breath despot rot will one day forget the lot imperial outlier the awaken throb of detachment from desire at eight nearly died in mire con tyre the rolling molding crying walls the resent  all energy spent delivered on table gave hope nope there was the rope now now now now uncalled halls pool halls bags upon bags sidesteps zones burner phones he and then them so spoke of elastic time the slot cherry customs transit industrial estate the eyes the nerve tested tested tested names the uttered frontal recall the nights spent as it went on your one the fog cringed you clinged to my coat I wonder is it still there at the back of her throat when we were islands blindness wanted waited dissociated that that I was once the trench remark spit the rain under those trees groaned ached I was I I the reason sanctuary standard Stanley by the tip quick the caress died soon after bouncer forgotten suns forgotten forgotten beside circles of deer the hanging the standing black cat jump back challenges tripping demanding conscription of morose infliction eye for Eye for eye fir eye for four nigh summoned uncut had no chance it only took weather  POP! HEAD North rock white flaking paint gorse and springs popped sleeping glowing mirrors on black towels suddenly and always damp moist sog the everlasting push knee deep in bog became a stain oh we all were inane cantankerous little jagged barnacles that scratched our belly out on the blooming peripheral hail the taxi crying waiting smudged the streams run mar clock slow twenty two deadpan felt final caw caw caw rolling preserving every moment life line tie rope precarious condition lay down SNAP! Changed lanes ball from joint rows of dancers molten might my silver taxbracket winged it through the nose in  leather sweating pulsate forgave foretold again I can see this mold little beads so so many beads flowing reflecting in their knowing gone like the failure to the mixture of those comments daggers in twisting alleys BEHIND YOU! Where? BEHIND YOU! Up from trap door was a little backwards plastic chair plastic chairs signed jersey worthy the four in one plodding home wipers lights and fog around concrete ruins factory six pack and that was the night fireworks and flighting foam filled the streets was I not the first like before so many I was filled with thirst routine routine routine routine routine routine wish I was one eighty pvc sky light left body as in I've been beating the bushes for a substitute but haven't had any luck also see beating around the bush stale place bellowed out the treasure in the myth of never remembering this gift the swallow the killing blow I’ll take her for a spin and oh fuck that condescending grin nearly over on the other side range rovers long drawn out dreams of moher cold sweats rubber swim cap whipped and wriggled toes on salt flats gone back lawn pale patch used to be now hung himself from a tree waterfall long long long here began shift at six outside inside new home all done not done breaching barbed the everlasting cheque to cheque my only thing all these things things things things things me and them become ravelled earth to metal and flesh erect moment dig dig dig here always the worms the ash nothing remains only layers petrified butter compressed affair in down below broken CRACK TING THUD whispering out seismic the wreck the ruin the return out they came went and hovered spun in elevated state around me through me becoming me myself twirling contorting in always in those layers in here you are surrounded and boundless the tiled walls becoming an exploded view of time here then was now the horizon evaporated blurred extension semi detached now irreversibly detach three heads and laughing there there there there there spinning and devouring I saw back through and around an allegory a position and lack of decisions they came and they watched the view had shifted through a breach